Perhaps the most spacious room, outfitted with rare antique furniture

Room 23 is a Junior Suite in Grès de Vosges stone with a magnificent canopy bed and luxurious fabrics.

The solid-marble bathroom, a rare find, is seamlessly integrated into the room.

Versailles flooring, plasma television screen, air conditioning, mini-bar, combination safe and sofa (that can act as a third bed), all make this suite fit anyone’s idea of a beautiful accommodation.

Continental breakfast à 13€

Gastronomic breakfast with foie gras and truffes 26€

We also inform you that our hotel does not have rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Fermeture exceptionnelle

Le Soldat de l'An 2 est fermé à compter du Dimanche 7 Juillet 2019.

Pour une raison technique, manque de collaborateurs en cuisine, notre restaurant sera fermé jusqu'à nouvelle date.

L'hôtel reste ouvert et le petit déjeuner servi.

Soldat de l'An 2's Famous Foie Gras

Shipping possible any time of day, all year round

  • 50–60 g per person:
  • - 180 g for 3–4 people
  • - 300 g for 5–6 people
  • - 500 g for around 10 people

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